1980 Factory was established to produce power cord sets and cable assemblies for domestic market,
initial capital of USD50,000 and 12 employees.
1982 Expanded the business internationally to enhance the growth of the
company. Improved the quality and reliability of our products, obtained the
approval of Bureau of Commodity Inspection and Quarantine Ministry of
Economic Affairs of ROC after complying with all their requirements. Also
obtained the approval of various agencies which includes North America,
Europe, Asia and Australia of more than 20 countries and 100 specifications.
1988 Established Tumbler Corporation in United States to handle administration and coordination with
customers thereby increasing the efficiency of our service to customers.
1989 Set up overseas factory due to the increasing demand of our products and services from various
parts of the world.
1991 New factory in GuangDong, China was established as the main location of our production.
1992 Two factories was established to product PVC compound and wires thereby producing the parts in our
factory in the entirely. Increased the quality of our products within our production facilities and production
capacity. obtained approval form various agencies to engage in such production.
1993 Introduce EL-456 safety plug was consequently patented in Japan, United States, and Taiwan.
1995 Thailand factory was established Primarily to produce wire and computer cable assemblies.
Obtained ISO 9002 Certificate..
1996 The only factory to introduce a major breakthrough in United States, Japan and China by introducing the
EL-458 fused plug.
1997 The company growth rate is over 25% per year, capital have reached USD11MM, manpower of 1,100
personnel, projected gross sales of USD40MM and production capacity of 5MM pieces per month.
1998 CHING CHENG established a new factory with 40,800 m2 in DongGuan, China for enlarging production
capacity. Our company also obtain approval from UK-BSI, Argentina-IRAM, and South Africa-SABS.
1999 The new factory which had be finished in 2000 started building , at that time the space capacity and
production in this new factory will on the increase up to more than 1.5 times.
2000 Product except power supply cord have increased to sell items of PVC compound, Cable & Power strip.
2001 Moved to new factory in China, Expanded capacity, reduced cost & better controlled quality that reinforce
our competition.
2002 Obtained ISO9001:2000 certificate.
2003 Got the safety approval of PSE, 3C ,BSMI.
2005 mplement ISO14001:2004 and all products compliant to RoHS.
2006 Obtained ISO14001:2004 certificate.


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